How to determine your personal decorating style when you aren’t sure which direction to go in.

With so many different styles and trends on view when you are trying to get some home decor inspiration it is hard to determine what your home decorating style is, especially when it is new to you. Are you a farmhouse or mid-century sort of person? Bohemian style or minimalist?  

By determining your decorating style it is easier to move forward and plan your decorating, knowing where to look for inspiration and what sort of thing you are now looking for. 

Step #1: Research

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Research is key to determining your decorating style. Immerse yourself in interior magazines, design websites and websites like pinterest. Looking at the variety of styles on show, decorating options and all of the inspiration available is a great start to determining your personal decorating style. 

Take note of colours you like, styles and accessories – even create a mood board so you can really get a feel for your style. Recognising the names and components of your preferred styles will help you further research and refine your interior style as some are very similar with key differences, which can become confusing. 

Step #2: Colour Scheme

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In your research to determine your personal decorating style, you will begin to recognise your preferred colour schemes whether this is bright and bold, neutral and classic, or minimalist with pops of colour. Colour palettes are a great way to begin determining your decorating preferences as certain colours are associated with, and work well with specific styles and trends. 

When you are unsure what direction to go in with your decorating, colour is always helpful. Knowing your colour preferences and what colours you like and enjoy being surrounded by is a great starting point for decorating. For instance if you like bright colours you may want to go for a maximalist interior style with bold prints and patterns to complement the colours; or if you prefer neutral tones and colours to bring a more calming environment, you may end up going for a bohemian or modern farmhouse style with warm wooden features. 

Step #3: Stick to what you know

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Whilst you may not have determined your own personal decorating style, you will most likely own interior items and have purchased things for your home or bedroom before. Keeping these items in mind can be a good indicator of your style. Were you drawn to brightly coloured bedding or rattan furniture? Do you have a lamp you simply can’t bear to part with? 

In your research, keep these items in note and look out for the styles they would perfectly meld with. This way you can incorporate your favourite pieces into your decorating style and use them to determine your preferences overall. 

Step #4: Choose, consider & curate 

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Choose, consider and curate is a great way to approach your decorating when determining your personal interior style. 

Start with choosing. Choose elements that you can really see in your home for years. Ones that you love and your whole family will appreciate and enjoy. Choosing pieces with permanence for you tells you they are definitely within your style and you can work around them with matching pieces and complimentary colours. 

Always consider size, lighting, measurements etc. in the process of decorating. These can massively influence your decision making, rule out certain elements or influence some great ideas. 

Curate your home’s styles and aesthetic around you and the other people who will be living there. Choose items, colours and accessories that you really love and that will bring you happiness for years to come. Even if it is as simple as a vase for your kitchen, it can tell you so much about your personal style and help to determine your entire aesthetic. 

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