Our recommendations for the top home decorating trends of 2022.
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The most popular home decorating trends of 2022, as identified by decorating experts. Whether you’re looking to refresh your bedroom or transform your living room, there is something here to inspire you. 

With the world getting back to some normality we are seeing a lot of reclaiming spaces that were claimed for home working, bringing the outside in, experimenting with colour and patterns, and nods to past eras. Here is a selection of what we have seen to be the most popular design trends this year, to inspire your home decorating choices. 

Bedroom Bliss

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After lockdown bringing our offices into our bedrooms, many people are looking to reclaim these spaces and create a sleep sanctuary that provides a space for rest and relaxation. Creating a sense of calm and peacefulness are a top priority in these bedroom decorating projects, which is reflected in the colours and styles incorporated into this understandably popular trend.

Soothing colour palettes such as warm and neutral tones have been extremely popular, perfect for creating a calming base to build your room around. We recommend beiges and oatmeals which can lend themselves to any colour palette when styling the space. Teamed with layers of cosy and comforting textures within rugs, throws, and pillows you can create a really blissful space. Incorporate some mood lighting and minimalistic pieces to design a space that is really conducive to an amazing night’s sleep. 

Green & more green

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After so much time stuck indoors during the pandemic, many of us have a newfound appreciation for the outdoors and the positive effects it can have on us. Shades of green have grown massively in popularity through association with the uplifting and revitalising effects of nature.Whether this is a feature wall, a bold green sofa, or an abundance of house plants, green is a trend that is here to stay.

Bringing the outdoors in is huge in 2022, and incorporating shades of green is an amazing way of doing this. When paired with neutral tones and terracotta and wooden pieces, you can really bring a piece of the outdoors into your home. After a stressful few years, green is the perfect colour to bring some calm to your home as it is psychologically known for being a calming colour that can even promote positive thinking.

Bold colours and patterns

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Veering off from the calming and relaxing tones we have mentioned previously, we have also seen a massive increase in the use of bold colours and patterns within home decorating. In contrast to these previous trends, bold colours and patterns can be seen everywhere in the house from the kitchen to the hallway. 

This is a great trend to experiment with as you can use as much or as little colour and pattern as you like, especially if you aren’t certain of your decorating style. Whether you go for a bright and bold wallpaper or try out a bright wall print and a selection of patterned pillows, you can determine what works best for you. Utilising colour and pattern is a really fun and exciting way to refresh your home, and can also be incorporated into other trends alongside shades of green or pairing some colourful accessories with your blissful bedroom. 

Constantly immersed in the decorating world, Cox Decorators are here to advise you on all of the latest trends and best options for your home decorating project. From the perfect shade of green to the best match to your wallpaper, we are here to help you. Click here to talk about your next home decorating project.

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