The Most Exciting Kitchen Trends 2022: Predicted by interior decorating professionals.  

Everyone is asking us about the best kitchen trends in 2022! As a professional painter decoratoring business, we are always seeing trends come and go in the interior design industry. We are constantly immersed in different decorating styles and trends, so in this post we are ready to show you the top kitchen design trends for the coming year.

When decorating your kitchen, there are lots of things to consider. From colour scheme and tiles, to splash backs and cabinets, we are here with the best ideas to inspire your kitchen remodel and provide ideas for your new kitchen, with plenty of kitchen design pictures along the way. 

Bold Blues & Garden Greens 

In the decorating world, we have seen a massive increase in the use of bold colours with blues and greens becoming a popular choice, particularly in living room decor and kitchen paint colours. 

Shades of blues and greens in kitchens bring a sense of personality to a room, which is both bold and refreshing. It is no wonder they have become such popular options for kitchen trends 2022. 

Out of Your League neon light signage
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Bold feature walls, colourful kitchen cabinets and units, or bright tiles are going to carry on growing in popularity this year. We are also seeing these bold colours being used in contrasting colour combinations for an even bigger, bold kitchen statement. 

Marvel At Marble

Not only is marble a beautiful stone that brings a touch of luxury to any kitchen, but it is also highly practical in that it is durable, heat resistant and stays cool, making it the perfect food preparation surface.  

Strongly veined marble is having a moment in the spotlight, with it being a statement choice for countertops, flooring, backsplashes and even statement walls. It also provides a textural contrast when teamed with other shiny surfaces, woods and metals. It is all perfect for the white kitchen trends 2022.

white and brown wooden table near white and brown window curtain
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Marble is a strong choice that is worth the investment. It stands the test of time due to its classic attributes and ability to withstand changes in trends due to fitting a variety of colour schemes and styles. It has always been a classic choice and is a frontrunner in kitchen trends this year, including the kitchen countertop trends 2022.

Colour Pops

If a bold and dominating kitchen colour scheme isn’t for you as seen in the bold kitchen trends 2022, then the popular choice of incorporating a pop of colour could be the way forward. Rather than using a bold colour across your kitchen, you could opt for a subtle pop, adding brightness and personality without committing to the full thing.  

white ceramic mug on white ceramic saucer on white wooden cabinet
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A colour pop can come in the form of a statement centre island, wall or backsplash. The example seen above is a perfect example of kitchen backsplash trends 2022. Colour pops are easy to incorporate against a neutral base, and are perfect for playing around with in terms of accessorising and styling. Pastel or bold colour pops have become increasingly popular recently, and it is easy to tell why with these stand out kitchen designs. 

white ceramic mugs on brown wooden wall rack
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This is just a brief insight into the kitchen trends 2022, but if you are thinking about embarking on a kitchen design project, then our experienced team is here to help and advise you on everything from colour scheme to the most durable, and high quality paints for your home. 

Decorating homes on a daily basis gives us a wealth of knowledge on the top trends, luxury finishes and means you are guaranteed a high quality kitchen with a stress free experience. Call 01530 249799 today to enquire about the best kitchen trends 2022 for you, or click here. 

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