How to successfully plan decorating a house from start to finish.

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Decorating your home can be a daunting task, whether you are just looking to do some touch ups or are just starting the journey of decorating your new house. There is so much to consider and organise, it can all feel very overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to planning decorating a house from start to finish. It will take you through everything you need to know before starting the decorating process, specifically aimed at making the process simple and stress-free. 

Get inspired 

This is the obvious first step in successfully planning your home decorating project. There are so many resources available to get inspiration from, such as Pinterest, magazines and social media. By immersing yourself in the interior design side of these platforms, you will be sure to get plenty of inspiration for what you want your home or room to look like. 

You could use these sources of home decorating inspiration to create mood boards of inspiration to help define your style, and have a reference for how you want things to look. You can refer back to this when you are losing focus, or struggling on direction and decision making. It is a really great way to begin your planning process, that will support you the whole way through. 

Make a plan

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Looking at your home and everything you have to do can be really overwhelming in the beginning, so setting out a plan of how to approach your decorating can be really helpful. From which rooms to decorate when, starting with painting, and when to furnish, having a detailed plan will make everything much easier. 

Start with the rooms that are a priority; what needs to be done desperately and what can wait. Also consider finances when developing this plan and make sure this is balanced with what you can spend and when. Making decisions in advance and when things will be decorated, furnished, accessorised etc. can all be included in your plan. 

Develop a budget 

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As part of your planning process, developing a budget is essential. Budgeting for materials, furniture and decorating professionals etc. will give you a clear idea of what is available to you and when. It also means you won’t run out of money during the decorating process and you can approach everything in a sensible and timely manner. 

You will want to be really strategic about the way you spend your money. If you have your eye on a really expensive chair for your living room, you might want to make cut backs elsewhere to avoid a splurge that leaves you in difficulty when it comes to kitting out the rest of your home. Having a good budget gives you a plan for how to divide finances between different rooms and projects and allows you to see what can be done in a very realistic way. 

Find a decorator 

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Hiring a decorating company to help you tackle a big job can take a massive weight off your shoulders. It will save time, ease your stress, and guarantee an amazing job with a high quality finish – providing you find the right one. 

Bringing in decorators will also assist in your planning as you can book them to fit your plan and schedule. They will also be an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to your decorating and can advise on style, colours and trends. It may be an investment but it is always worth it when you see the high quality results and lasting finish of their work, ensuring your home is decorated to top standards.

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