Decorating your new home and where to start, from scratch. 

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Moving into a new home is overwhelming enough as it is, before you even begin to think about the process of decorating and putting your own personal touches to your new house. There are multiple rooms to consider, colours, styles, flooring, accessories and more. In this article we want to take you through our top tips for approaching decorating your new home and where to start, from the expert view of professional decorators. 

Overcoming the overwhelm 

You’ve viewed the house, fell in love, signed the contracts and now the keys are yours. At this point the feelings of overwhelm and intimidation may begin to set in. I’ve got how many rooms to decorate? 

Beginning the process of taking these bare walls and outdated features and turning them into your dream house can be scary. That’s why we have set out this advice for beginning the journey of decorating your new home from scratch, when you don’t know where to start. We will help you turn your vision into a reality. 

Get inspired 

When you are starting decorating your new home from scratch, getting some inspiration is a great place to start. There are so many places to look and find inspiration, from Pinterest to your favourite interiors magazine, to your local kitchen showroom. 

Looking around and taking in the different trends and styles can really help you to determine what you like and what you don’t like, and what you would really like your home to look like, as well as the overall feel you hope to have in your home. 

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Define your vision 

By doing some research and getting inspired, you can begin to define your overall vision for your home. Making sure you have a clear direction with your personal decorating style means that you are less likely to get side tracked with alternative styles that you aren’t very likely to commit to. If you aren’t sure what your personal decorating style is, then taking the time to get inspired will really help you.

Realising your vision means you can start the decorating process, selecting colours, themes and accessories that fit your personal style. Whether it is neutral and airy, farmhouse, boho, or maximalist, defining your style is a key first step in decorating your home from scratch. 

Visualise your style 

Compiling all of your ideas and inspiration is a great place to start developing your decorating plans. You could develop a pinterest board, a physical mood board, or begin sticking up wallpaper and paint samples to get a real feel for how your house could eventually look. Visualising everything together allows you to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and see what styles and colours you’re really drawn to. 

It is a crucial part of decorating a new home from scratch to begin imagining the house decorated in your style, with your own personal touches. It can really start becoming your home that way, as you work your way through each room applying your favourite styles, colours and accessories.

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Consider your colour palette

Once you have a set direction in terms of your decorating style, it is time to determine your colour palette. Choosing the colour scheme for your house is no easy task. Your colour palette can create the overall vibe and feel of your home, whether this is light and bright, warm, neutral or bold. This can be determined by the colours you go for. 

Choosing similar base colours to flow between each room ensures your decorating choices and colour scheme flows throughout the house, and also removes the inconvenience of hundreds of colour swatches and paint samples. From there you can add pops of colours, or bold feature walls that keep in line with your overall style and colour scheme. 

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Bigger pieces & accessorising 

When you’ve finally made the big decisions about colour and style, you can begin looking at furniture and accessories. By determining the style and colour scheme first, you can begin your furniture shopping with confidence you know what direction you’re going in, and what will work well with your personal style and decor choices. 

We recommend choosing larger and feature pieces first, and then layering in your accessories. For example, once you have a colour scheme and style in mind for your living room, you can choose the perfect couch and coffee table followed by rugs, cushions and throws that perfectly complement the overall look of the room. By starting big and then refining the smaller details you can ensure everything works well together, whilst adding your own personal touches. 

If you need any advice on how to decorate your home, Cox Decorators are full of expertise and knowledge that can make your decorating journey stress-free and simple. Click here for more information. 

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