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What 4 things do a Painter and Decorator Do?

A painter and decorator applies paint, varnish and wallpaper to protect and maintain the interior and exterior surfaces of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and other structures.

This profession requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. It also requires problem-solving skills, patience and precision.

Painter and Decorator


Whether you hire a commercial painter and decorator or do it yourself, there are specific steps that you should take before they arrive to get the best results. These preparations will help the commercial painter and decorator complete their work quickly and efficiently.

A good commercial painter and decorator will take the time to fully prepare all surfaces that will be painted, both exterior and interior. They will clean, sand, fix damaged surfaces and use a primer to help the paint adhere better to the surface.

They also remove any metal burrs or dents that might have formed over the years. This helps to avoid rust build-up, which can cause the paint to peel and fail to adhere.

Removing as many personal belongings from the room being painted is also essential. This includes items such as lamps, TVs, rugs and houseplants.


Using paint and other tools, a painter and decorator transform the interior of buildings and structures. The work protects surfaces from weather damage, rust and mould and gives them a more attractive appearance.

The painting process includes preparing the walls and choosing the right colour. It also involves applying primer for longer-lasting results and covering furniture with dust sheets.

A painter uses a variety of different products, including water-based and solvent-based stains, paints, varnishes, enamels and resins. They also apply protective coats, insulative coatings and anti-mould treatments.

A painter and decorator may also use encaustic technique, which combines heated beeswax with pigments and other materials. This method can be used on a variety of surfaces, from canvas to wood. The mixture is applied to a surface and then left to dry, which makes it resistant to fading and cracking.


Painting and decorating is a great way to transform the interior of a home or business. It is a rewarding job that requires a lot of patience and a keen eye for design.

Painters and decorators apply a wide range of products, including paint, wallpaper, fabric, sealant, adhesives and varnishes. They also use tools to remove old paint, level surfaces, fill holes and cracks and prepare work areas.

Most painters and decorators complete an apprenticeship or traineeship under the supervision of a senior professional before working independently. This allows them to learn the skills and knowledge needed to become a highly skilled tradesman.


When cleaning, a commercial painter and decorator have their work cut out. They’ve got to scrub the walls to remove grease and grime, clean up any excess paint that may have strayed off the canvas and wipe down a multitude of surfaces using various products. A top-notch commercial painter and decorator will also ensure they have left the site in a tidy condition.

The best-rated commercial painting and decorating company will use several methods to get the job done, including a good scrub down to remove dirt and grime, the latest in anti-static paints, and spray cleaning for larger projects. They also have various brushes, rollers, spray bottles, and mops.

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